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Mr. City's Random Collection of Intemperate Thoughts

If ever there is a tiny bit of wisdom, humor, or ranting I feel like doing, you can find it right here. Take the time to enjoy my silly musings; after all, one cannot simply be all about game shows!

Intemperate Thought #2 2/4/2007

- While I was on the phone with a friend recounting a story about my dad and a masseuse, I couldn't think of the word "masseuse," so in keeping the flow of the conversation, I said:

"massage lady...massag-a-nist!"

Obviously one might construe this for misogynist (one who hates women), so I found the right word within a few seconds, but by then, the story was lost within canyons of echoing laughter.

Intemperate Thought 2/4/2007

- I had been holding out for the entire season, continuously thinking positively (after all, a guy who always yells "Not A Problem!" has season tickets right behind mine). However, after seeing today's game, and not having the "Not A Problem guy" around, I must finally side with the Sun-Times: Rex Grossman sucks.

However, I feel like it's not good enough to say that. The Bears only had possession of the ball for, like, 3 seconds in the entire second half. So, the defense definitely wasn't there. Oh well; since when have I cared about football anyway?

Intemperate Thought 2/3/2007

- What a good way to conclude this outstandingly brutal week. I have been re-elected as Vice President of Public Relations for the Residential College Board at Northwestern University. I guess it was a shoe-in for the board, since I always do my work and I always do an amazing job with my work. In fact, I probably had it in the bag so much that one person on the board sat during the entire round of deliberations and drew this sketch:


Intemperate Thought 11/19/2006 - Analyzing a crazy weekend

- I had work at MediaWorks from 3-5 yesterday; shortly before that, I had lunch at Panera and called my aunt. She advised that I should not come to visit her that day since she was feeling sick, but insisted that I should come the next morning. I felt against coming in this morning, but she insisted, so I did. It was successful.

But, the fact that I did not go to visit her last night meant that I missed out on a great steak from Smith & Wollensky's. So, I did the next best thing; booked a reservation for two at Pete Miller's in Evanston. Two? Who was I going to take along? Suddenly, doors began to fly wide open as I think of all the nice people I'd like to take along with me. Ultimately, the one I really wanted to go with accepted my offer, and so we went and I think she had a great time, discussing things including none other than The Price is Right. I was so thrilled by the nice meal in her company that I couldn't really function for the next several hours!

But, the great fortunes on Saturday did not heal the bad feelings about Sunday. I went in and drove to the Home Depot on North Avenue in Chicago to buy a board, then we had a quick early dinner at Petterino's, and then proof that my gut really works: I got rear-ended on Sheridan & Estes while coming back up to Northwestern. As I approached this intersection from the south, there was a cop car in the middle with its lights on, so I stopped and the lady behind me smacked me pretty good. It was fortunate that the police were there to write up an accident investigation, but ironically, if the cops had not been there, the accident would not have happened. It turns out that their lights, which confused me, were simply indicating that they wanted to turn left onto Estes!

The moral of the story: Chicago cop cars cause accidents if you're unfamiliar with how they work.