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Famous, as in I took a picture of these towers after I built them, so I haven't forgotten about them over the years! However, I have forgotten the specific dates they were constructed and demolished. Click on the white title of the building on the left--that is a link to a large picture.

"Bigtower" This tower existed sometime around March of 1999, and stood for 1.5-2 months... 23 floors

"Sky High" This tower was one of two towers so far in which a stepladder was needed to get to the top. It was an amazing 27 floors tall and lasted less than 1 minute. It held the record of tallest tower from April, 1999 to November, 2001.

"A Tower" This was a split-level built long ago and topped with a 5-style tower and an elevator shaft.

"A Tower 3" All I know about this one is that I built it before I bought some more packs of Jenga blocks from Wal-Mart... 17 floors. I remember this tower was very unstable, and that prevented me from getting to 18. I took this picture in a single shot so it did not turn out well. I actually had to stand outside the door (17 feet) to take it! (Note: 17 floors is approxinately 5 ft, 7 in.)

"Circular Tower" This tower would have gotten taller than four floors had a construction accident not occured which destroyed half of the building. Modeled after the Marina Towers in Chicago.

"Chicago Skyline" This picture includes a "Marina Tower," the Wrigley Building, the IBM Building, the Chicago River, and a built-in shot of one of my towers. This picture was made January 13, 1999.

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